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Introduction (+/-)

Metacreation is the idea of endowing machines with creative behavior. Metacreation, as the contemporary approach to generative art, involves using tools and techniques from artificial intelligence, artificial life, and machine learning (themselves inspired by cognitive and life sciences) to develop software that is creative on its own. In other words, software is a metacreation if it exhibits behaviors that would be considered creative if performed by humans. Through the collaboration between scientists, experts in artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences and composer/creator of interactive computer music, the project aims to investigate the theory and practice of computational creativity, through the development of:

  1. Artificially creative musical systems (metacreations): development of computational systems that produce or simulate musical creativity. These systems may be inspired by human creativity or by the possibilities of artificial systems beyond human capabilities.
  2. Computational models of human musical creativity: construction of cognitive models of musical creativity that can be the basis for computational creativity.
  3. Computational systems for supporting musical creativity: production of user interfaces, interaction design, decision support, and data modeling techniques that lead to the development of intelligent assistants that support the user in being more creative.

For more information, please contact the members who created the project you are interested in.