Tristan Bayfield

Tristan Bayfield graduated from computing science at SFU (2015) with an extended minor in music, and has a diploma in electrical engineering from BCIT (2006). He has focused his studies around sound synthesis, digital signal processing, and applications for live music performance. Tristan enjoys listening to and writing electronic music; professionally, he aims to create intelligent tools […]

MusiCOG & ManuScore

MusiCOG Music composition is an intellectually demanding human activity that engages a wide range of cognitive faculties. Although several domain-general integrated cognitive architectures (ICAs) exist—ACT-R, Soar, Icarus, etc.—the use of integrated models for solving musical problems remains virtually unexplored. In designing MusiCOG, we wanted to bring forward ideas from our previous work, and combine these […]


Audience Interaction in Networked Audio Performance A networked audio performance environment which mixes the moods of audience members via an artificial agent conductor to form a diverse acoustic ecology based on the auditory display of their mood data. Audience members input their moods to start the performance and a reinforcement learning engine offers participants the […]