Automatic PureData Patch Generation

Synthesizers are hardware or software instruments designed to generate sounds. Given a set of target sounds, the question is: what is a (or the best) synthesizer capable of producing it? This research explores a method for automated synthesizers’ design to produce a given target sound. The synthesizer’s architecture and its parameters are grown using Genetic […]

Music by Genetic Algorithm

Members: Arne Eigenfeldt Papers: Eigenfeldt, Arne, and Philippe Pasquier. “Evolving structures for electronic dance music.” Proceeding of the fifteenth annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation conference. ACM, 2013, 319–329. PDF Eigenfeldt, Arne. “Corpus-based recombinant composition using a genetic algorithm.” Soft Computing 16.12 (2012): 2049-2056. PDF Eigenfeldt, Arne, and Philippe Pasquier. “Populations of populations: composing […]

Virtual Agent – Human Agent Interaction

Incorporating human performers within an ensemble of virtual agents. Members: Arne Eigenfeldt Papers: Eigenfeldt, A. “Generating Structure –
 Towards Large-scale Formal Generation” Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE’14) Conference, Raleigh, 2014. PDF Eigenfeldt, Arne, and Philippe Pasquier. “Creative Agents, Curatorial Agents, and Human-Agent Interaction in Coming Together.” Proceedings of Sound and Music Computing, […]

Generating Live Notation

Generating musical notation for live performers, for interaction with robotic instruments. Members: Arne Eigenfeldt Papers/Posters: Eigenfeldt, Arne. “Generative Music for Live Performance: Experiences with real-time notation.” Organised Sound 19.03 (2014): 276-285. PDF An Unnatural Selection (2014) for Turning Point Ensemble, Disklavier, and KarmatiK NotomotoN A modified artificial life system, where musical ideas are born, are […]

Generative Electronica Research Project

GERP generates stylistically valid EDM using human-informed machine-learning. We have employed experts (mainly Chris Anderson) to hand-transcribe 100 tracks in four genres: Breaks, House, Dubstep, and Drum and Bass. Aspects of transcription include musical details (drum beats, percussion parts, bass lines, melodic parts), timbral descriptions (i.e. “low synth kick, mid acoustic snare, tight noise closed […]

MusiCOG & ManuScore

MusiCOG Music composition is an intellectually demanding human activity that engages a wide range of cognitive faculties. Although several domain-general integrated cognitive architectures (ICAs) exist—ACT-R, Soar, Icarus, etc.—the use of integrated models for solving musical problems remains virtually unexplored. In designing MusiCOG, we wanted to bring forward ideas from our previous work, and combine these […]